Helping companies gain a deeper understanding of their customers and converting insights into responsible strategies for applied sustainability, effective market positioning and successful service transformation

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MAS marketing and business development

On January 9, the new class of the MAS in Marketing and Business Development started at the University of Basel. We are looking forward to 1.5 years together on this "learning journey" with exciting participants, excellent speakers and stimulating discussions!

Consulting for sustainable growth

In an interview with Dr. Mareike Ahlers for the Tages-Anzeiger, the focus is on sustainable strategy consulting at bruhnpartner, the central role of client logic and special leadership principles.

Launch of our magazine bprepared

Be prepared for the future! Subscribe now to our bprepared magazine with current project and study reports, interviews and industry trends from Switzerland and abroad.

The magazine is published only in high-quality print and sent exclusively to the address of your choice. Order the first edition here!

Forum DLM: smart services business models

This year's Forum DLM brought together 80 representatives of international companies from various industries and the scientific community to discuss the challenges and opportunities of "smart" services.

Transformation and customer centricity

Survey in the Basel area on company transformation and the role of customer insights.

Manfred Bruhn about customer dominant logic

Time for a comprehensive change of perspective in marketing logic: Moving away from the goods and service dominant logic, towards the customer dominant logic.

How nirvana is related to artificial intelligence

Light and shadow, strong and weak AI and how it is related to nirvana - presentation by Mareike Ahlers about the use of AI in service management.

Launch of the Swiss Digital Trust Label

In January 2022 was the launch of the Digital Trust Label. The world's first label of its kind that brings trust, transparency and simplicity back to the digital world. We are proud to have accompanied the Swiss Digital Initiative over the last two years in the development of the Digital Trust Label.


Taking customer­centricity
to the very top

What is the common denominator among our diverse portfolio of projects? Their consistent customer logic orientation. We know that strategies are more successful when you reach customers in their own environment, offering them products and services that genuinely add value. The same holds true for an overarching company strategy as it does for marketing or customer retention strategies.

The definitive combination of customer insight, our strategic expertise, and deep understanding of operational behavior gives us the tools we need to build strategies that prove successful in the marketplace and measurably move organizations forward.

Service Management

Convincing service strategies are the bedrock of a successful business model. We help our customers identify the key success drivers within their service business and guide them through the entire process of service transformation. From developing a service vision and designing an affordable service portfolio to integrating service orientation into the organizational culture.

More on Service Management

Brand Strategies

Many brands are beautiful, but only a few are strong. We develop marketing strategies that reach and delight customers within their own ecosystem; marketing strategies that clearly differentiate themselves from those of the competition; and marketing strategies that can be executed with authenticity. In delivering on brand promises, we ensure that customers experience the brand values throughout their journey and that the entire organization and its culture are aligned with these values.

More on Brand Strategies


We consistently maintain a customer-centric perspective in our projects.

Following the principles of Customer Dominant Logic, we go quite a bit further than classic concepts of customer orientation.

More on Customer Orientation

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