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Internal alignment for customer-centricity

Understanding a company as a system

Customer-centricity only works when the entire organization is oriented with this focus. Internal structures, processes, and systems must be designed to fulfill customer needs at every contact point. Beyond that, the internal culture must promote customer-centricity at all levels: among individual employees, teams, and at all levels of the entire company.

We view the company as a system, analyzing vital internal dependencies and identifying leveraging points in order to integrate strategic concepts into daily routines.

Decoding employee logic

Customer dominant logic sets its focus on customer logic for the purpose of strategy development. During the implementation phase of our projects, we go one step further and focus intensively on the thought processes and behavioral logic of the employees. This means that personal motivation of employees is considered closely in analyzing the efficacy of internal measures.

Gamification: The playful path with great impact

Knowledge and behavioral change cannot be sustainably conveyed via PowerPoint presentation. Especially to employees who are not involved in strategic decision-making: in the service center, logistics, bookkeeping or production departments. We use different forms of gamification to generate an understanding of transformation processes, to promote customer-centric behavior as well as build knowledge.

«Everyone in my department viewed the workshop with the card game skeptically. To be honest, I could not picture any ways in which the bookkeeping department could contribute to customer satisfaction. Then I saw how my colleagues broke out of their daily routines and began to check every aspect of their work for areas that could use improvement.»

Department Manager, Bookkeeping Haberkorn Group

We offer

  • Customer-oriented improvement of structures, processes and culture
  • Development of service mindset and behavior
  • Employee behavior alignment with brand values
  • Use of gamification to enhance customer-centric behavior
  • Support for interdepartmental collaboration
  • Role definition and interface optimization
  • Customer experience process management optimization

In an interview for the Tages-Anzeiger, Dr. Mareike Ahlers reports on bruhnpartner's consulting approach and the central role of customer logic in our projects.


Key success factors of customer oriented behavior and employee motivation can also be conveyed playfully.


Haberkorn sets an ambitious goal: To be the company with the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

Marketing manager project report