Industry event: Energy customer 4.0

On March 24, bruhnpartner, Fichtner Management Consulting and FourManagement invited executives and experts from the energy industry to the event "Energy Consumer 4.0". The industry is currently undergoing massive change: digitalization, decentralization and sustainability are key drivers of change. Added to this are current developments due to the global political situation.

In three keynote speeches, Mareike Ahlers, Hans-Jörg Aebli and Carsten Gropp provided insights into the decision logic of the Consumer 4.0, the smart use of data to generate new added value for customers and the future design of successful sales for energy companies. In the subsequent discussion round with Mark Balmer (IWB), Meik Krauthausen (BKW) and Urs Spiegel (SAK), the topics discussed included how energy companies can move from being digital dinosaurs to digital masters and what opportunities exist within the regulatory framework. It was also established that it is not always down to regulations and external conditions, but that companies must also consciously shape internal issues such as processes and culture in order to position themselves successfully with tomorrow's energy customers and prevail against smart start-ups.

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