Launch of the Swiss Digital Trust Label

Digitization accompanies us in both our private and business lives. You could almost think that the use of digital services has become so commonplace that we hardly give it a second thought. But that's not true. It is becoming increasingly difficult to understand what happens to our data and what mechanisms a digital service follows. How reliable is the service? Are there security standards we can rely on? How is our personal data protected? Can we count on fair processes even with automated decision-making?

Today was the launch of the Digital Trust Label. The world's first label of its kind, bringing trust, transparency and simplicity back to the digital world.

We are proud to have accompanied the Swiss Digital Initiative over the last two years in the development of the Digital Trust Label. Already at the start of the initiative, we were able to identify the drivers of trust in the digital space for the SDI with a broad-based qualitative consumer survey and thus accompany the development at an early stage. This was followed last year by a global user study in which we tested various prototypes with 80 test persons and thus laid the concrete foundation for the content, mechanics and layout of the labels launched today. Two digital pioneers, Swisscom and Swiss Re, have already received the label for one of their digital applications. Credit Suisse is currently in the labeling process. We are curious to see which organizations will follow!

All information about the Digital Trust Label can be found here:

A summary of our user study can also be found in the Media Kit: Digital Trust Global User Study

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