Three principles
Successful strategy work

We aspire to develop strategies that don’t just appeal to management, but really work at all levels of an organization. To meet our goal of preparing clients for the future, we follow three principles in all our projects:

We cultivate a profound understanding of the relevant customer logic

Markets are characterized by continuous transformation and customer needs are generally complex and dynamic. We address these issues by closely examining the customer decision-making logic as well as market and organizational change processes. Based on our analyses, we help companies develop new expansion options through customer-oriented growth, market positioning, and updated product & service operations.

We persuade internal teams by making transformation a cooperative process

Successful change always occurs with and through people, never against them or over their heads. We build trusting relationships with the members of an organization and actively accompany them throughout the change process. To achieve this, we utilize the specific tools and techniques of gamification and organizational development, but also simply through our ability to unobtrusively integrate ourselves into their system. By employing uncomplicated formats, we communicate with and relate to people as equals – regardless of their position within the company hierarchy.

We cooperate with our partners and customers to ensure successful implementation

Effective strategies are always measured by the results of their implementation. We do not abandon our customers once the strategy paper is complete. Rather, we partner with customers and stakeholders to ensure its subsequent implementation delivers the desired results. By setting ramifications for the implementation, we develop clear goals for each area of action and support relevant interfaces.

"Strategies for mobility concepts depend on consistently addressing customer needs. bruhnpartner has supported us in conceptual development as well as in strategic implementation for many years. I particularly value their ability to view the issues from our vantage point and provide keen insight on a client’s situation. The solutions developed are goal-oriented and direct – without unnecessary detours."

Reinhard Ahlborn, former Head of E-Mobility BMW (Switzerland) AG